Junior and Senior High School

School Life

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Nigawa Gakuin follows a 3-term academic year that is standard in Japanese schools. International students are able to commence studies at the beginning of any term, however, they should be advised that the Japanese academic year commences in April.
Term 1: Early April – Late July
Term 2: Late August – Late December
Term 3: Early January – Early March

Nigawa Gakuin basically has a 5-day school week. A regular school day consists of 7 periods, morning/afternoon home room and a lunch break. The day begins at 8:15 and concludes between 15:30 and 16:00. After school, many students participate in club activities and supplementary classes. These activities sometimes extend to the weekend as well.

Annual Events

Club Activities

Sporting clubs
Boys Tennis
Track & Field Girls Badminton
Girls Tennis Soccer Swimming Boys Volleyball
Baseball Soft Tennis Basketball Girls Volleyball
American Football Table Tennis Naginata  
Cultural clubs
Brass Band Photography
Broadcasting E.S.S. (English) Tea Ceremony L.M.S. (Music)
Igo/Shogi Society Catholic Society History Society