Welcome to Nigawa, Callum!

This January we welcomed another exchange student from our sister school in Australia, Padua College. Callum comes to Nigawa having had a keen interest in Japan and the Japanese language for several years, and we are looking forward to helping him make the most of his one-year stay with us. In addition to being highly motivated to improve his Japanese skills, Callum is also planning to take part in many extra-curricular activities at school and wants to see as much of the country as possible. For Nigawa students, this is yet another exciting opportunity to learn more Australia and Padua College, as well as a chance to improve their intercultural communiucation skills.

Good luck Callum!

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カラム君、これから一年間頑張ってくださいね! 応援しています!!

Second semester begins

Our 3 students currently studying at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, USA, have entered the second half of their study-abroad year. After completing their final exams in December, they had two weeks over Christmas and the New Year to spend with their host families and friends. Please check out the international noticeboard at school for regular updates and photos!


「セメスター2 開始!」

現在アメリカ・フェニックスにありますSt. Mary’s Catholic High Schoolに留学中の3名ですが、留学期間も後半にさしかかってきました。12月に学期末テストを無事に終了した彼女たちですが、その後はクリスマスとニューイヤーにまたがる二週間の休暇に入り、それぞれのホストファミリーや友人たちとの時間を過ごしました。高校職員室横の掲示板にも定期的に彼女たちの様子や写真を掲示し、その内容も更新していますので、是非御覧ください!

Goodbye Anna…

Anna, our first exchange student from St. Mary’s College Ipswich in Australia, has completed her one-year exchange at Nigawa. During her experience, Anna took part in all facets of Japanese school life, including club activities and our school trip to Italy. Her enthusiasm and love of Japan has left a lasting impression on her classmates, teachers and host families, and we are looking forward to maintaining contact via skype until we can meet again in person.

Anna, good luck with your first year of university in Australia. We hope to see you again soon!

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アンナさん、オーストラリアでの大学生活頑張ってくださいね! また会えることを願っています!!

Welcome back, Rena!

The first ever Nigawa students to participate in our Australian exchange program has returned to Japan after a successful year at St. Mary’s College Ipswich. Rena took on the many challenges that international students face with a positive attitude and great spirit which enabled her to improve her English and understanding of Australian culture. As our first “ambassador”, she has paved the way for future exchanges both to and from Australia, and we are sure that she will make the most of this experience as she continues her school life here at Nigawa.

Thank you to St. Mary’s College, the two host families and all of those who supported Rena during her time in Australia.

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