Welcome Home!

After their 10-month lifechanging experience in America, the 3 students who had been studying at Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, U.S.A. returned to Japan at the end of May. Following a week of tough final exams, their final few days were spent saying farewell to the host families, teachers and friends who supported them during an experience that has given them a new outlook on the world and will no doubt have a profound impact on their thought process into the next stage of their lives. Thanks to their eye-opening and informative reports posted on the exchange noticeboard each month, all of us here in Japan were able to follow their journey step by step and can therefore understand the challenges that they faced as well as the benefits that such an experience can bring. After settling back into school life in Japan, they will participate in the orientation program for the next group of students that are due to depart for the U.S.A. this August.

Nigawa Gakuin would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our friends at Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix and all of the people who supported our students during their wonderful experience. We look forward to your continued support from this summer.

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Visit from Li Jen Senior High School (Taiwan)

Nigawa Gakuin was recently lucky enough to have our first ever visit from a school in Taiwan!

25 students from Li Jen Senior High School, also a catholic school, spent a fun-filled day with us that included some special lessons, a musical performance, a tour of our facilities and, of course, some student exchanges. With English as our shared language of communication, we learned that the distance between our countries was much smaller than the map may suggest, and their wonderful school introduction (presentation) gave us an insight into school life in Taiwan that has increased interest towards our Asian neighbors.

Such excanges are a valuable opportunities to not only learn about other cultures, but enable us to be aware of the things we have in common. Thank you Li Jen!