Welcome back, Rena!

The first ever Nigawa students to participate in our Australian exchange program has returned to Japan after a successful year at St. Mary’s College Ipswich. Rena took on the many challenges that international students face with a positive attitude and great spirit which enabled her to improve her English and understanding of Australian culture. As our first “ambassador”, she has paved the way for future exchanges both to and from Australia, and we are sure that she will make the most of this experience as she continues her school life here at Nigawa.

Thank you to St. Mary’s College, the two host families and all of those who supported Rena during her time in Australia.

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Marmoutier Lycee – Japan Tour 2014

The biannual program with Marmoutier Lycee has become a regular event on the Nigawa Gakuin calendar of international activities. On October 24 we received a group of students and teachers, the third time we have had the opportunity to take part in exchange activities with our friends from France.

Throughout the day, our visitors took part in activities with Nigawa Gakuin elementary, junior high and high school students, but this time it was the junior high school’s turn to take center stage. In addition to numerous in-class activities that included social studies, Japanese and English lessons, the French students were hosted for 3 nights by students from the junior high school, giving them a unique chance to experience Japanese home life. Moreover, the host students had an opportunity to make new friends and communicate with students from abroad in a more relaxed setting outside the school. These friendships have, in the past, been ongoing, with students staying in contact via e-mail and one Nigawa Gakuin student even visiting France during the summer vacation!

Thank you Marmoutier for yet another exciting day. All of us here at Nigawa Gakuin look forward to our next meeting.







St. Mary’s College Ipswich – Japan Tour 2014

A group of students and teachers from our sister school in Australia, St. Mary’s College Ipswich, visited Nigawa on September 29th as part of their Japan tour that takes place every 2 years. The group was comprised of students who study Japanese and have a keen interest in learning about Japan in general.

Each student was assigned a “buddy” for the day who introduced the visitors to many aspects of the Japanese school day that are not part of their routine in Australia, including chorei, shurei and classroom cleaning. Moreover, there were opportunities to take part in classes with Nigawa students and, of course, a little time to catch up with their senpei, Anna, currently on a one-year exchange with us from St. Mary’s.

Some of the students have expressed their hopes to follow in Anna’s footsteps by coming here again on a long-term exchange, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Thank you St. Mary’s!

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Welcome to Japan, Alex!

Nigawa Gakuin is proud to announce the arrival of the first international student from our sister school Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, U.S.A.

Alex’s interest in Japan was a major factor in his family’s decision to host one of our students who recently spent 10 months in Phoenix, an experience that had made him even more enthusiastic about visiting Japan. In taking advantage of the long summer break, Alex will be here for approximately 2 months during which time we are excited to help him learn more about Japan, the people and teach him some Japanese language! We are also looking forward to learning more about our sister school in the U.S.A. from him.

Alex, Nihon e yokoso!!

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Welcome to Japan, Alex!

Welcome Home!

After their 10-month lifechanging experience in America, the 3 students who had been studying at Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, U.S.A. returned to Japan at the end of May. Following a week of tough final exams, their final few days were spent saying farewell to the host families, teachers and friends who supported them during an experience that has given them a new outlook on the world and will no doubt have a profound impact on their thought process into the next stage of their lives. Thanks to their eye-opening and informative reports posted on the exchange noticeboard each month, all of us here in Japan were able to follow their journey step by step and can therefore understand the challenges that they faced as well as the benefits that such an experience can bring. After settling back into school life in Japan, they will participate in the orientation program for the next group of students that are due to depart for the U.S.A. this August.

Nigawa Gakuin would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our friends at Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix and all of the people who supported our students during their wonderful experience. We look forward to your continued support from this summer.

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Visit from Li Jen Senior High School (Taiwan)

Nigawa Gakuin was recently lucky enough to have our first ever visit from a school in Taiwan!

25 students from Li Jen Senior High School, also a catholic school, spent a fun-filled day with us that included some special lessons, a musical performance, a tour of our facilities and, of course, some student exchanges. With English as our shared language of communication, we learned that the distance between our countries was much smaller than the map may suggest, and their wonderful school introduction (presentation) gave us an insight into school life in Taiwan that has increased interest towards our Asian neighbors.

Such excanges are a valuable opportunities to not only learn about other cultures, but enable us to be aware of the things we have in common. Thank you Li Jen!











Friendly Soccer Match with Padua

The soccer team at Padua College, our sister sister school in Australia, is currently on a soccer tour of Japan. During the 12-day tour, 18 boys and 4 teachers are touring the country to play several friendly matches and to learn about the culture through exchanges and sightseeing. During their visit to Nigawa Gakuin, they played a full match against our high school team, enjoyed a post-match cultural exchange with our students, took a tour of the school which involved a kendo demonstration by our vice principal Mr. Koyama, and had their first Japanese school lunch in the restaurant.IMG_1422(small)

This tour is the first opportunity for most of the students to visit Japan, an experience that is sure to be a memorable one in many ways. Moreover, our students showed a keen interest in not only the match, but also communicating (in English) with their new friends from Australia. Our sister school relationships are sure to offer students at Nigawa Gakuin many more such opportunities to learn about other cultures and deepen their understanding of the world.

Thank you Padua. See you again!!


「姉妹提携校 Padua Collegeとサッカー国際親善試合をしました!」


本校の姉妹提携校であるオーストラリアの男子校 Padua College から18名の生徒と4名の教員が昨日本校を訪問してくれました! 現在彼らは12日間の日程で日本国内を旅行しながら各地で親善試合を行い、交流行事や観光を通して日本の文化を学んでいます。








Padua College の皆さん、ありがとうございました。


Good luck, Rena!

Our first ever student to study abroad in Australia began her one-year exchange at the end of January, the start of the school year in Australia. After spending the first few days with her host family, Rena attended her first day of school at St. Mary’s College, in full uniform, where she met her new teachers and friends and underwent an orientation in order to familiarize herself with the new surroundings. She also gave a wonderful speech in English at the opening assembly in front of the entire school! Being the first Nigawa representatitive at our new sister school is a big responsibility, but we trust she will do well in her new environment and wish her all the best for the year ahead. The noticeboard on the 2nd floor in the high school will have regular updates from Rena along with photos and information about the exchange program with St. Mary’s College.




先月末、本校からのオーストラリア留学生の第一期生である女子生徒が一年間に及ぶ留学生活をスタートしました。オーストラリアに到着し、数日間ホストファミリーとの時間を過ごした後、すぐにSt. Mary’s Collegeでの新学期が始まりました。始業式では、全校生徒の前で英語でのすばらしいスピーチを披露した伶奈さん。St. Mary’s Collegeの制服もとても似合っています。姉妹提携校協定を結んだSt. Mary’s Collegeにおいて、初めての仁川学院生代表として果たす役割も大きいですが、彼女ならしっかりとその期待にも応えてくれることでしょう! すばらしい留学生活を送ってきてくださいね! 高等学校二階の掲示板でも、彼女の留学生活の様子やSt.Mary’s Collegeとの交換留学プログラムの情報などを定期的にお伝えしていく予定です。

Happy Setsubun!

In response to the wonderful Christmas cards we received from our friends at St. Mary’s College in Ipswich, Australia, the grade 2 junior high school students made Setsubun greeting cards which were delivered last week, just in time for Setsubun. The students in the Japanese classes were excited to receive the cards in the very first week of the new school year in Australia. We hope it will motivate them to study Japanese hard this year and to eat lots of healthy beans!

Setsubun2(small) Setsubun1(small)



このブログでも先日ご紹介した、オーストラリアの姉妹提携校であるSt. Mary’s College Ipswichから届いたクリスマスカードの返事として、中学2年生が節分のカードを作成しました。節分に間に合うようにポストに投函したカードは無事に届き、日本語の授業選択クラスの生徒たちも非常に喜んでくれたとのことです。オーストラリアでは新学期の第一週目に届いたそうですよ。彼女たちの日本語学習の励みになってくれることを願っています。そしてオーストラリアでもこの機会にたくさんの豆を食べてもらえたら嬉しいです!

Yōkoso Anna!

This January, we welcomed another international student into the Nigawa family. Anna (17) is the first exchange student to join us from our sister school in Australia, St. Mary’s College Ipswich. She is a keen Japanese language student and loves anime. Despite having been with us just a short time, she already has plans to join several clubs including the cooking club, tea ceremony club, art club and ESS. All of us here are excited to have Anna in our school and we hope she has a wonderful experience in Japan.



この1月、私たち仁川ファミリーにオーストラリアからの新しい仲間が加わりました。本校の姉妹提携校であるSt. Mary’s College Ipswichから交換留学生として来たアンナさん(17歳)。交換留学制度の1期生である彼女は、非常に熱心に日本語を勉強しており、日本のアニメが大好き。本校での生活をスタートしてまだ間もないですが、早くもクッキング部、茶道部、そしてESSなどを見学し、複数の部活動に参加しようと意欲的です。私たち一同、アンナが仲間に加わったことを心からうれしく思っています。そして、日本での滞在がすばらしいものになりますように願っています。